When complex divorces and family law matters simply must be handled right, people turn to us

Who We Are

Taege Law Offices is a Chicago-based law firm founded on the concept that clients need a wide range of representation and need that representation from a firm they trust. Many times, clients are shuffled from one firm to another depending on the legal issue at hand.

Taege Law Offices combines the benefits of practice area focused attorneys with the benefits of a general practice firm. We cover multiple practice areas, while allowing our attorneys to focus on the practice areas they are passionate about. This allows our clients to have one contact point for all of their legal needs.

Our Mission

We strive to be all three necessary roles for our clients—advisors, counselors, and attorneys. We capitalize on a range of skill sets and passions to offer a comprehensive range of practice areas. We push ourselves to gain more experience, cultivate more creativity, and acquire more knowledge so that we can resolve your legal matters in a practical, complete manner.

The Way We Interact with the Legal Community

The legal world constantly evolves and keeping pace with that evolution is key to providing effective legal representation. Our attorneys are actively involved in the legal community, allowing Taege Law Offices to maintain a strong rapport with our peers and have expansive resources available at all times. Through our active involvement with the community, our attorneys provide legal assistance to those needing it most.