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Making Important Decisions About Child Support

Each parent has a duty to provide financial support for their children. Child support is the monetary payment that a parent may be required to pay to the other parent for the benefit of the child. The amount of child support a parent owes in any individual case will vary based on multiple different factors.

At Taege Law Offices, our Chicago child support lawyers have the skills and experience needed to represent Illinois parents in the full range of child support cases. We are prepared to protect your financial interests. To schedule a free, fully confidential review of your child support case, please contact our law office today.

Understanding The Illinois Child Support Guidelines

Child support is determined by the ‘income shares child support guidelines’ model. Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services created the worksheets and schedules used to determine child support. Prior to July of 2017, child support was set based on a percentage of the obligor’s net income and the number of children involved in the case. Now, child support is a more complicated calculation.

The ‘income shares’ model requires that the total amount of financial support provided by each parent be calculated based on their collective income. Then, each parent’s share of the support will be calculated relative to each other. In other words, the income of the parent receiving child support is a factor in determining the award. To give parents a general idea of how the guidelines will apply to their case, here is a free child support estimator.

While the standard Illinois child support guidelines apply to most cases, Illinois family law courts have the authority to consider extraordinary circumstances when setting child support. The court may deviate upward or downward from the child support guidelines. In addition, the court may require either or both parties to contribute to additional child-related expenses including but not limited to, educational, health care, extracurricular and day care expenses.

Child Support Services We Offer

Our Chicago family law attorneys handle the full range of child support cases. No matter the specific nature of your case, our legal team is prepared to protect your parental rights and your financial interests. Specific examples of issues that our Chicago child support lawyers are prepared to handle include:

  • Initial requests for payment of child support
  • Establishment of paternity to obtain child support
  • Negotiation of a child support settlement
  • Enforcement of a child support order
  • Modification of child support obligations

We also handle child support cases involving unique and complex issues. If you believe that the child support guidelines are inappropriate for your individual case, whether due to the health and educational needs of your child, or for any other reason, our legal team is prepared to help.

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At Taege Law Offices, our family law attorneys have extensive experience handling complex child support cases. If you are in a dispute over child support, we will protect your legal rights and financial interests. For a free, fully confidential review of your case, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm today at 312-667-7706.

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