When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

Chicago Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is far from rare. There are approximately 30,000 divorces in the state each year, and going through one can be challenging.

Divorcing couples often have a wide array of complex emotional, logistical and legal issues that must be addressed and resolved before their divorce can be finalized. If you are going through a separation in Illinois, it is imperative that you seek guidance from an experienced professional.

At Taege Law Offices, our Chicago divorce attorneys are committed to guiding our clients through this challenging time with effective and trustworthy representation. We understand the challenges of divorce. No matter the specific nature of your case, we are prepared to offer you practical, reliable legal representation.

Illinois Is A No-Fault Divorce State

Illinois is a no-fault divorce state which means ‘irreconcilable differences’ are currently the only grounds for getting a divorce in the state.

In Illinois, neither spouse is required to prove the other did anything wrong in order to obtain a divorce. Divorcing couples must simply meet the state’s residency requirement — one spouse must have resided within Illinois for at least 90 days.

While proving that you are eligible to get divorced is not difficult, the process to get divorced can still be highly complex. Before you can move forward with a no-fault divorce, every issue in your case must be fully resolved. This could include property division, debt division, spousal maintenance, the allocation of parental responsibilities, the allocation of parenting time and child support.

How Our Chicago Divorce Attorneys Can Help

When contemplating a divorce in Illinois, it is highly recommended that you seek professional legal guidance.

At Taege Law Offices, our Chicago divorce lawyers can help you with every aspect of the legal process. Not only will we work to make sure that your divorce is handled in the most efficient and effective manner, but our team will ensure that your legal rights are fully protected.

Among other things, our Chicago divorce attorneys are prepared to:

  • Carefully listen to your story so that we understand your unique situation
  • Assist you to work toward your individual goals and objectives
  • Prepare all necessary pleadings and documents, including filing for divorce or responding to a divorce petition
  • Investigate all financial issues, including obtaining and organizing all relevant financial documents and records
  • Protecting your rights in the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities determinations, including decision making (child custody) and parenting time (child visitation)
  • Negotiate a fair property division settlement
  • Zealously represent your interests at trial should a fair settlement not be reached

Whether you have questions about asset distribution, debt division, the allocation of parental responsibilities, child support or any other family law issues, our law firm will help you find the solution that is best for you and your family.

Divorce FAQs

How Long Does Divorce Take?

Many things can affect the Illinois divorce process. The first thing that will affect the timeline is if you and your spouse are on the same page about most issues. If you agree about most things, then the process can move forward at a good pace. If, however, there are many issues that you do not agree on, then the process will obviously take longer. The fastest divorces can take a matter of a couple of months. Contested divorces, or divorces where one spouse makes unreasonable demands or will not negotiate, can take a year or even two years. At Taege Law Offices, we will assess your individual situation. We will tell you what your options are and then move forward with the plan that meets your goals.

What Happens If My Spouse And I Decide To Stay Together?

What happens next depends on where you are in the divorce process. If you have not officially filed for divorce, you will only have to pay the attorney’s fees. If you have filed, we can get your case dismissed or suspended. If you have already signed the divorce settlement but have reconciled with your spouse, we can file for an immediate motion to stop any ruling from being made. We can also reverse a decision, depending on the situation. In rare instances, after a divorce has been officially finalized, a couple will need to remarry.

Will Spousal Maintenance (Spousal Support) Be Awarded?

Every marriage is different, and the details of your marriage will affect whether alimony is awarded, how much and for how long. The general Illinois guideline is that the payer will pay 33% of their net income minus 25% of the payee’s net income. So, if the payer makes $300,000 and the payee makes $60,000, then the payer will pay $99,000 minus $15,000, which equals $84,000. It is important to note that there are exceptions and contributing factors to this equation. We will ascertain your situation and work with you to attain fair and equitable support.

Do We Both Have To Hire An Attorney?

Not legally. One spouse can hire an attorney, and the other spouse may choose not to. However, an attorney can only represent one party. It is strongly advised that both parties work with an experienced divorce attorney so that they each understand their rights, obligations and options.

How Does Infidelity Affect A Divorce Case?

Adultery is one of the legal grounds for divorce. Many people choose not to use this option because it can be difficult to prove. Depending on the details of the adultery, this could affect spousal support and, in rare cases, child custody. We will advise you as to whether or not to pursue using adultery as grounds for divorce should that be an issue in your relationship.

How Do I Prepare For Divorce?

There are several ways to prepare. The first thing to do is to stay off social media. Do not post anything about your spouse, your children or a new relationship. What you post is discoverable and could hurt your case. If your children are on social media, they may also see your posts. Second, consult an attorney. We offer a free, confidential consultation so that you can better understand the process. Third, get copies of all financial documents. These include documents related to retirement funds, investments, crypto assets, bank accounts, pensions, income from any source, and debts such as loans and mortgages. Fourth, you should open your own account and make changes to your estate plan. You should also find a support group, therapist, community or religious organization that offers support for people getting divorced.

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