When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

Lawyers Protecting Mothers’ Rights In Illinois

There is no presumption under Illinois law that mothers will be awarded custody in a divorce. More and more fathers are suing for primary placement or shared custody, including well-connected breadwinners or stay-at-home dads who can make a compelling argument to the court.

In other words, you might have to fight for your parental rights. The experienced family law attorneys of Taege Law Offices are effective advocates for mothers’ rights in divorce, custody and related proceedings. We have successfully represented women throughout the Chicago area, and we invite you to learn more about how we can help you stand up for what is most important.

The Tables Have Turned

In the past, courts defaulted to awarding custody to mothers, especially custody of young children. That is not automatically the case any longer.

The court considers the best interests of the child, wherever those chips may fall. Working moms are at a disadvantage if the dad can show that he has been the primary caregiver. Conversely, if your spouse was the high earner and you have been out of the workforce, his side might argue that he has more wherewithal to provide a stable home for your children.

Our lawyers know how to challenge these arguments and make the case for awarding sole or primary placement to you instead of the father.

Do You Need To Assert Your Mothers’ Rights?

We advocate for mothers’ rights, representing divorcing moms, divorced moms and unmarried mothers in many scenarios:

  • Custody disputes – Allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time
  • Parenting plans – Negotiating schedules, drop-offs, summer vacation, child-rearing decisions, etc.
  • Paying child support – Ensuring fairness if the father is awarded support
  • Custody relocation – Moving the children out of Illinois or to the other end of the state
  • Paternity actions – Compelling payment of child support or fighting unsupervised visitation
  • Parental alienation – Attempts by the father to undermine your bond with your children
  • Child support modification – Petitioning the court to increase (or decrease) support based on a change in economic circumstances
  • Enforcement and contempt of court – Holding the other parent accountable for failing to pay child support or violating the parenting plan

Your True Advocates In Family Law Proceedings

Our attorneys are based in Chicago and practice in the family courts of Cook, Lake, Dupage, Will and Kane counties. For trusted advice and formidable courtroom representation, please arrange a free and confidential consultation today. Call 312-667-7706 or use our email form.

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