When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

Our Staff

Gabriella Thomas

Paralegal at Taege Law Offices

Gabriella Thomas

Gabriella Thomas is a meticulous and dependable paralegal at Taege Law Offices, known for her exceptional professionalism and sincere dedication to her work. With a reputation for being proactive, she is always one step ahead in anticipating and addressing client needs. Her conscientious approach ensures that every detail is scrutinized and nothing is overlooked.

Gabriella brings a wealth of skills to her role, showcasing not only her adaptability in changing circumstances but also her leadership in driving projects forward. As a tech-savvy professional, she navigates computer programs and new technologies with ease, using them to maximize efficiency and better serve clients.

Gabriella’s communication skills are second to none, ensuring that clients, attorneys, and other staff members are always on the same page. Her ability to multitask, coupled with excellent time management skills, allows her to handle a high volume of work while maintaining a keen eye for detail.

Her organizational acumen extends to project management, where she expertly orchestrates numerous moving pieces to achieve desired results. Even under pressure, Gabriella remains calm and focused, showcasing her ability to work well under challenging circumstances. With Gabriella Thomas at Taege Law Offices, clients can be confident that their case is in dependable hands.

Jesus Garza

Administrative Assistant at Taege Law Offices

Jesus Garza

At Taege Law Offices, Jesus Garza serves as a conscientious and dependable Administrative Assistant. His resilience and honesty underpin his commitment to providing top-tier service to clients. With an ambitious spirit, Jesus ensures every interaction is handled with respect and compassion, fostering a client-focused environment that is integral to the firm’s values.

In the realm of communication, Jesus shines. His skill in articulating complex information effectively and empathetically ensures that clients feel heard and understood. His adaptability means he can readily adjust to changing circumstances, all while keeping clients’ needs at the forefront.

Experience within the legal industry is a key component of Jesus’ approach to client service. His ability to see situations from multiple perspectives ensures that he addresses issues in a comprehensive manner, enhancing client satisfaction.

Jesus’ commitment to continuous learning speaks volumes about his ambition to provide exceptional service. Every day is seen as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and apply it to enhance the client journey. Moreover, his fluency in Spanish allows him to connect with a broader range of clients, ensuring that Taege Law Offices provides top-tier service to all.