When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

What is the divorce process in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Divorce |

As Illinois is a no-fault divorce state, you can just say you have “irreconcilable differences” as the grounds for obtaining a divorce. Neither you nor your spouse has to show any proof that one of you committed some wrong that endangered your marriage. 

While it might seem that a no-fault divorce would be easy to get, there is still a lot to consider. You and your spouse must take care of every issue in your case before a judge grants the divorce. This includes child support, custody and visitation, spousal support, division of debt, dividing parental responsibilities and property division. 

The requirements 

Before you are granted your divorce, you and your spouse have to meet some requirements. These include at least one of you living in Illinois for a minimum of 90 days before starting divorce proceedings. 

Illinois also has a six-month waiting period before you can file for divorce, but this can be waived if you and your spouse agree in writing. 

As you start your divorce, gather the information, such as your wedding date, where you married and the date you separated. You also need a list of all the property you and your spouse own together. Include bank accounts and investments as well as physical assets. Remember to include the debts, as you also need to divide them.

Finding out more about what you need to do and what documents you require will help the divorce process move smoothly. While the state sets out the laws, there is considerable room for negotiation, so having good representation will be crucial to getting the divorce results you need.