When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

Creating consistency for children after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Child custody |

One thing that can help children deal with a divorce is simply to have more consistency in their lives after their parents split up. It’s difficult for children when they feel like their life is unstable or that it doesn’t have any structure, and that is often the main problem they have with the divorce. Eliminating this issue can make it much easier for them to move forward.

But how do you create this consistency? Here are a few options.

Consider birdnesting

One option is to use birdnesting as your custody solution. When you do this, you allow the children to stay in the same home at all times. Your child custody schedule just tells you when you move into the house and live with them and when you move out and your ex moves in. This can be more difficult for parents because they have to share the living space and they need another place to live when they don’t have custody, but it is often beneficial for children.

Work on a parenting plan

Another option is to use a parenting plan to set up similar rules and regulations in both homes. The plan should discuss the exact custody schedule, how you should handle pick-ups and drop-offs, where the children are going to live, what types of rules they have to follow and much more. When co-parents have the same focus, this allows children to know what is expected of them in all situations.

Let the children see the schedule

It can also be very helpful to create a predetermined schedule that you and your co-parent stick to at all times. Create this calendar online or hang a physical copy up in your house so that the children have access to it. When they know what to expect, it makes life feel more stable every day. When you stick to the routine as a parent, the children feel comforted.

Setting up your plan

You can see how important it is to carefully set up your plan to give your children the benefits that you want for them. Make sure you know about all of the legal options at your disposal.