When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

When Complex Divorce And Family Law Matters Simply Must Be Handled Right, People Turn To Us

Do you believe your spouse is trying to hide cryptocurrency?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2022 | Property division |

As you journey through your divorce, you will learn many lessons. One you would do well to learn early on is that it can bring out the worst in people. Whether from a place of hurt, vengeance or greed, some spouses try to hide their assets in the property division stage of divorce.

Since cryptocurrency investments are somewhat easier to hide than other assets, there is a possibility that your spouse has a stash of hidden crypto. You must locate these assets to help ensure that you obtain a fair property settlement.

Look for crypto apps

An effective means of investigation is looking for cryptocurrency apps or tools on your home computer or your spouse’s phone. Below are some crypto-related words and phrases to concentrate on finding:

  • eToro
  • Nebeus
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Blockfolio
  • Tamadoge
  • DeFi Swap

If you see apps like these, your spouse has likely invested in cryptocurrency and could have accumulated substantially valuable assets.

Other signs of hidden crypto

It is usually possible to find clues suggesting the possibility of hidden cryptocurrency just by studying your spouse’s financial activity. Examples of suspicious activities include:

  • Using more cash than usual
  • Making extravagant luxury purchases
  • Changing financial account passwords
  • Withdrawing or depositing large amounts of cash

Once you identify suspicious financial activity, it’s wise to begin a formal investigation. You may need to enlist the services of a forensic accountant to uncover cryptocurrency accounts.

Since Illinois is an equitable distribution state, you stand to lose much if you do nothing about your cryptocurrency suspicions. Learning more about the state property division process can also strengthen your rights.